If your home is designed like many homes on the market, your garage is built as an attachment to your home. While this makes it convenient for you and your family to get into the house, it also makes it easy for others to do so as well. Because of this, you should make sure that you keep your garage door just as secure as you would your front door. Due to the way your garage door works, securing this door may require a little more thought than your other doors do. Here are a few points to ponder that may make this job a little easier. 

Change The Code On Your Garage Door Opener

If you live in an older home, or you have an inexpensive garage door opener on your garage, your garage door has a set code by which it will open. Unfortunately, many homeowners never change these and leave them set to the default code. This means that the same remote that opens someone else's door may also open yours. Even if you have changed your code, there are code grabbers on the market that will allow thieves to retrieve your code.

If your door uses this type of technology, you can make your space more secure by simply changing your code every so often. This is not a difficult task and is extra easy if your system has a wall panel in addition to a remote. If you do not have a wall panel, it will just require you to climb up the ladder and set the code directly from your motor unit.

Reinforce The Door Between Your House And Garage

Unfortunately, even if you use one of the most up-to-date garage door opening technologies that uses a rolling security code, you are still at risk. A simple, inexpensive device called a RollJam can still intercept your code and allow them access to your garage. This makes it even more important that you have the right door between your home and this space. 

Choose a strong security type of door for this space. This door should be made from solid wood, or a strong type of metal. In addition to choosing a strong door, make sure that you install a deadbolt lock on this door as well. Although, you may be tempted to leave this door unlocked for easier access when you are coming and going, always make sure that this door is locked. This way, even if someone gains access to your garage, they will have a harder time gaining access to your home.

Install Smart Garage Door Systems

A smart garage door system will allow you to not only operate your garage door from your smart phone, but it will allow you to monitor, open,  and close your garage door when you are not even home. If you are expecting a delivery or expecting company, this will even allow you to give them access to this space in your absence. It increases your security by not only alerting you each time your door is opened but also creating a log of who is opening the door and when. 

Close The Garage Door Every Time You Leave

Although this may seem to be a no-brainer, just ride through any neighborhood on a pretty weekend day, and you will probably be surprised at the number of garage doors you see standing open with no vehicle inside. In addition to advertising that you may not be home, leaving your door open can give thieves a view of your tools, lawn care equipment and other items that you may have stored in this space. If one of your neighbors or someone else were keeping an eye on your home, they would have no problem quickly loading up your belongings and being long gone prior to you returning. 

Do not allow your garage door to be the weak link in your home's security. Instead, work with a local garage door company to make sure it adds to your security. Click here to continue reading more about security measures you can take.