As a teenager enters the world of driving, it brings a lot of stress and anxiety for many parents. Security and safety is a huge concern as teenagers enter the open road and independently operate a vehicle. Along with worrying about basic driving skills, the garage of your home is another point of concern for parents. When a teenager starts to drive, having access to a garage bay is a huge responsibility. By adding some extra protection to the garage in your home, you can ensure that your child is safe. When ordering a new garage door opener, there are four different features you can look for to add some extra security for your teenage driver. You can find openers with one or more of these features.

Garage Door Keypads

Teenagers can be forgetful sometimes. When a garage door opener is lost of misplaced, a teenager doesn't need to be locked out of the house or garage. Instead, a garage door professional can install a keypad that connects to the garage door opener. When access to the garage is needed, your child can simply type in the key code and the garage door will open. The key code can be changed and assigned as needed for your teenager. Advanced keypads feature glowing numbers that are ideal for entering codes at night. Instead of waking up everyone in the house, a teenager can easily access the garage as needed.

Digital Door Opening Apps

Along with a keypad, your teenager can carry a garage door opener with them on their smartphone. Newer garage doors feature Wi-Fi technology and app downloads that act as a garage door opener. By connecting your teen to the app, it is easy for them to open the garage and take the car out. These garage door apps can also help set curfews for your teen. For example, you can have main access to the app and shut off the garage door opener for certain times. This prevents the teen from opening the garage late at night and taking the car out. If a teen arrives home late and has to park outside the garage, then you will know if they broke the curfew or not. It's an ideal way to prevent them from cruising around late at night and getting into trouble.

Garage Door Indicators

Another way garage door opener apps can help with the security of your home and teenager is with indicators. By connecting your phone to the garage door opener, you can receive notifications every time the door is open or shut. This allows you to keep track of your teen's actions and the use of the vehicle. For example, if the teen uses the family vehicle, you can help track its use so you know when it is being taken out. Along with the alerts, you can check your garage door status at any time. This allows you to see if the garage door was accidentally left open. If it was, you can quickly shut the door through the app to help prevent any security risks on your home.

Battery Back-Up

When a power glitch or outage occurs, your teenager can still gain access to the garage door. By purchasing an opener with battery back-up, the garage door is still operational even if your home doesn't have power. This allows your teen to seek shelter and protect a vehicle from dangerous situations like hurricanes or tornado warnings. The back-up will last for several hours and has a resting lifespan of about three years. A garage door professional can showcase different back-up battery models, their running life, and prices.

Communicating with your teen can also help increase the security and safety of your garage. Teach them about the different features and rules associated with parking, driving, and accessing the garage.

For more information or help with installing any of these features, talk with a garage door opener company, such as Raynor Door Company.