Deciding whether to get a custom garage door or a premade style is an important decision for aesthetics, cost, and security. Here are some times when you should and shouldn't have your door premade.

Premade Garage Doors Come in Many Materials

One thing to note is that there is a wide variety of premade overhead doors for all budgets. You could opt for something simple, such as a steel or aluminum door. Or you could also find a more elegant wooden garage door. Many colors are also available too, especially if you decide to go with a vinyl door to which a paint color can easily be added.

Security Features Can Be Added

Security is one thing that might require you to get your door custom designed. If you want to add on security bars, access doors with electronic locking systems, and other secure features, contact a custom garage door installation team like Duncan Door Service Inc for these jobs.

Non-Standard Sizes May Need to Be Custom

Sometimes you need overhead doors that are a non-standard size or even shape. For example, if you have a double garage and want a single door to cover it, it might be hard to find the exact style you want within the selection of pre-made doors. Or if you need to cut out a smaller door for pets, kids or motorcycles, these often need to be custom made as well to be done well.

Embellishment Is Also Possible

Finally, if you hope to have your garage door embellished with more than one style or material, then it might need to be made by a custom garage door shop. Sometimes it's possible to buy a premade door and add features. For example, you could cut out the designs for windows in a premade door. It's a good idea to get this custom done since you don't want passersby to be able to see what's in your garage; the height of windows will be custom-cut on each door.

As you can see, there are many reasons why you would choose either custom or premade garage doors. Sometimes the best thing to do is start at a garage door installation shop to see what kind of stock they carry or can order for you. They will probably also be your go-to if you decide to get a door custom made, so you might as well start by seeing what's easily available.