You may be surprised to learn that there actually is a bit of routine maintenance you should do to keep your garage door and even your garage flooring in good shape. You can follow some great tips offered below in order to avoid certain issues or deal with them if they come up:

Keep your garage floor looking good

If you park in your garage or maintain your car in there, then there is the chance that you will end up with oil on the ground. If not cleaned up right away and in the right manner, the stains can get stubborn as they set. You can clean a fresh oil stain by taking a piece of drywall and mangling it as much as you can with a hammer. Use your hands to crumble and sprinkle the drywall on the oil stain. Allow it to sit overnight with the drywall on it. Rinse the area with water in the morning. Add more drywall to the spot and use a broom to scrub it if necessary.

Open your garage door when the power goes out

If the power has gone out and you need to open your door that opens automatically and with the use of electricity, you want to pull the piece of string you'll find hanging near the motor box above your head. This cord is the manual override cord which is in place in case of emergencies or power outages. Once you pull the cord, you will be able to open the door on your own.

Prevent your garage door from freezing to the ground

If you live in an area where ice and snow are commonplace, then you may find yourself worrying about the garage door sticking to the ground and this can happen and is a valid concern. You can avoid this from happening by taking some rock salt and sprinkling it directly under the door, as well as right in front of it on both the inside and outside of the garage. This will help to prevent ice from forming and causing this problem from happening.

Get a malfunctioning garage door to lock

Automatic garage doors lock with a horizontal bar that fits in slots on each side to lock the door in place. As time goes on, the bars can move little by little until they finally don't line up with the slots. You can correct the issue by unscrewing the guide brackets you will see on the edges of the garage door until they are loose enough that you can move them. Reposition them so they line up properly and retighten the screws. It's a good idea to lubricate the locking mechanism afterward.