Do you spend time in your garage servicing your cars or working in your workshop? If you spend a lot of time in your garage, you probably realize that it is usually either the hottest or coldest room in the house. That is, garages usually don't have any built in temperature control. On top of this, large garage doors can be drafty during the winter, and they can absorb a lot of the Sun's heat during the summer.

Basically, it is difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature inside a garage. Obviously, you can retrofit your HVAC system so that there is a duct connected to your garage, or you can use electric heaters and fans. Regardless of what you use, these devices will be more efficient, and your garage will be more comfortable if your doors have better insulation. This article explains a few ways that you can increase the efficiency of your garage doors.

Fiberglass Insulation

The cheapest and most rudimentary, but also the most effective, way to make your garage panels more insulated is to add fiberglass along the inside of the panels. Fiberglass batting can be tape, glued, or stapled to the inside of your garage panels. This doesn't necessarily look great, but the batting can greatly slow down heat transfer.

Stopping Air Leaks

But, even with better insulated panels, you could still have air leakage through the cracks in between individual panels, and especially at the bottom. So, if you fix these air leaks and make your garage more air tight, it will be much easier to retain heat. First of all, you want to make sure that, when your garage doors are close, the bottom piece, which is called the sweep, creates an airtight sealed. This piece is usually rubber and can't wear down overtime. If it is necessary to replace your sweep, you can be done quite easily with just a power drill. You simply unscrew the old sweet and install a new one. There are also similar rubber pieces that can go in between individual panels. So, when your garage is closed, your panels can be completely airtight.

You can walk into home improvement store, buy a few basic supplies, and increase the insulation of your garage in a single day. Obviously, some solutions might be more aesthetically pleasing than others, but the most important thing is to increase the installation of your garage so that it will be more comfortable and enjoyable year round.